General Police Directorate

General Police Director

Police Director is appointed by Serbian Government for a five-year term, upon proposal of the Minister of the Interior, following a call for applications and in accordance with the rules on labour relations applicable for the Ministry.

Police Director can be person who fulfils general requirements for government employment provided by law, and special requirements for police employment (Article 110, paragraph 1, items 2-6, of the Law on Police); he/she must have university degree, at least 15 years of effective work experience in the police, and has to meet the requirements for the position of Police Director. When several candidates are eligible, preference is given to the candidate having the best professional results in the discharge of police duties.

Acting General Police Director is Vladimir Rebić .


Vladimir Rebić was born on 9 January 1967 in Užice. He completed the Vocational School of Law and Administration in Užice and graduated from the Belgrade Faculty of Law in 1991.

Vladimir Rebić

Vladimir Rebić

       He has been with the Ministry of the Interior since August 1992, initially at the Secretariat of the Interior (SoI) at Užice, where he was responsible for inspectoral and administrative affairs related to traffic safety. He introduced the system of previous checks of papers and vehicle markings, which was established in all organisational units of the Užice SoI, that put a stop to registering irregular vehicles in that area.

        Between 1996 and 2002 he was Head of the Section for Inspectoral and Administrative Affairs at the Užice SoI after which he was transferred to the Traffic Police Directorate where he was tasked with training traffic police personnel.

        Until 2007, when he became Head of the Section for Interventional Control and Regulation of Traffic, he taught the subject Traffic Safety Rules and Regulations and successfully trained several generations of participants of the Traffic Control and Regulation Course.

        In October 2008 he became Head of the Department for Traffic Control and Regulation and until mid-2009 was actively involved in the drafting of the Road Traffic Safety Law.

        In January 2010 he became Deputy Head of the Traffic Police Directorate spending the following four years coordinating traffic police activities related to the adoption of the secondary legislation needed for the implementation of the new Road Traffic Safety Law.

       On 20 June 2014 he was appointed Head of the Traffic Police Directorate. Together with his associates he has established a series of new criteria for laying down standards of traffic police conduct aimed at intensifying traffic police activity which contributes to enhancing traffic safety, and for laying down clear operating procedures aimed at preventing corruption.

        He is married to Zorica, has a son, Filip, and a daughter, Vanja.