Reform of the pay system

The proposed pay system is a modern concept designed as an umbrella framework encompassing all employees of the Ministry of the Interior. It is based on the assumption related to the status of a police officer, civil servant and appointee and the implementation of general labor legislation. It comprises unique base pay and unique pay elements confirmed by the decision of the Government. It is also based on the autonomy in governing the area of pays, pay elements, statutory pay and fees compensation, namely the pay structure, coefficients, pay groups and pay grades, jobs and professions of employees in the Ministry of the Interior that are specified by a regulation of the Ministry of the Interior adopted pursuant to the Law on Police and approved by the Government.

This system is intended to establish the following:

  • adequate criteria (standards) and benchmarks (uniqueness as an evaluation condition) for essentially important matters;
  • nomenclature and job descriptions;
  • uniformity of pays, status, benefits and allowances for the same or similar duties or job titles;
  • allocation of objective number of employees needed for optimum performance;
  • evaluation and optimization of unnecessary and anachronistic processes, policies, procedures and competencies;
  • compatibility of parameters and relations (benefits, status, pay grade, additional coefficient, special allowances);
  • personnel plan, career system, personnel management transparency;
  • enhanced effectiveness (doing the right things) and efficiency (doing things right);

The new pay concept is designed to objectively take into account the specificity of policing in a new, innovative and reforms-oriented manner and thus to draw a clear distinction from the rest of public administration, leaving at the same time this distinction clearly justified and unquestionably recognizable. 

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