Supporting the strategic development of IT System in the Ministry of Interior

Sector for analytics, telecommunications and information technology (SATIT) is responsible for the organization, functioning, development, enhancement and exploitation of ICT infrastructure, integrated automated unified information system of the Ministry (UIS) and logistic support for operational activities in the field of application of information and communication technologies (ICT).

The role of ICT, and therefore the Sector, is twofold: with the help of technology to improve business processes in the Ministry of the Interior and the police as well as to improve relations with citizens which is reflected in the enhancement of service functions.
In this regard, the Sector directs its activities towards achieving the following objectives:

  • Developed project, administrative and technical capacity of the ICT of the Ministry of the Interior in accordance with the latest standards of practice in the public sector;
  • Achieved technological, personnel and operating standards of developed European police services;
  • Developed applicative environment that enables efficient performance of tasks in the competence of the Ministry, which ensures most advanced services for the citizens and other state bodies, while respecting the highest ICT security standards;
  • Ensured continuous operation and improvement of the systemic ICT base in the Ministry in accordance with the standards and directions of technological development;
  • Developed communication infrastructure that provides flexibility, reliability and availability of all services at any location and at any time in the territory of the Republic of Serbia;
  • Improved the existing level of information security in the Ministry through the formation of organizational units and developed willingness to provide an adequate response to cyber challenges;
  • Provided support for integrated and functional processes to ensure reliable and timely information, both within the Ministry and for the citizens and other social actors;
  • Improved implementation of eGovernment mechanisms at the Ministry of the Interior and the development of e-services by applying the principles of e-business;
  • Established ICT support for the implementation of the EC recommendations in the negotiation process between the Republic of Serbia and the EU.

In line with ICT development trends, administrative and organizational capacities of the Sector are being developed following the functional processes and optimizing the necessary resources, both in the area of ​​ICT infrastructure, as well as in the field of organization and specialization of professional staff, in order to achieve technological, personnel and operating standards in the provision of ICT support for organizational units of the Ministry of the Interior and the citizens of the Republic of Serbia.

Organizational changes were introduced in the second half of 2015 so the Sector has the following organizational units:

  • Center for responding to attacks on information systems (CERT),
  • Department for Operations and Planning,
  • Department for Tetra and Radio Communication System,
  • Department for Communications,
  • Department for Information Security,
  • Department for Development,
  • Department for e-Operations,
  • Department for Server Infrastructure,
  • Department for Personalization of ID Documents,
  • Department for Analytics,
  • Department for Statistical Analysis and Development,

as well as the organizational units responsible for ICT at regional police directorates. All the above has laid down the conditions for a more efficient and optimal functioning, monitoring and application of the ICT development trends in the Ministry of the Interior.