The reform of general police directorate

In the course of last year the General Police Directorate has started activities aimed at reorganising its organisational units in order to improve the policing, strengthen capacities of organisational units, increase the policing transparency and public confidence.

The General Police Directorate HQ has made personnel changes comprising the introduction of new processes in the police service operation, namely:

  • strategic planning,
  • human resources and
  • training courses for and professional development of police officers.

In accordance with the Law on Police, the process of establishing the new Special Anti-Terrorist Unit has started and the Directorate for the Protection of Specific Persons and Facilities has been reorganized to become the Security Unit for Specific Persons and Facilities.

In cooperation with other organisational units of our Ministry, particularly with the newly established Human Resources Sector, the General Police Directorate takes part in the development of the following:

  • list of job titles
  • jobs description and
  • career advancement model (including related bylaws to support the implementation of this model).

Categorisation process of the Regional Police Directorates, Police Stations and Police Posts has started, following clearly defined criteria that comprise demography, territory, security situation and existing organisational elements. In the forthcoming period, the above mentioned categorisation will serve as basis for the development of the Rulebook on Internal Organisation and Job Classification. 

Within the Crime Suppression Service of the Criminal Police Directorate, a Department for the Prevention and Suppression of Domestic Violence has been created to provide more efficient and effective police response to increasing number of such criminal acts. Therefore, its creation is of extreme importance.

In addition, considering that one of the priority objectives of the Government of the Republic of Serbia is the EU accession of the Republic of Serbia, the organisational units in the General Police Directorate HQ conduct activities within their respective competencies with a view to implementing the Chapters 23 and 24 related Action Plans.